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Back CO2 emissions calculator for Project Logistics

Are you looking for a logistics IT solution that will allow you to understand and improve carbon emissions of your heavy lift and oversized cargo supply chains? With our project logistics emission calculator, you can efficiently analyse the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of each shipment under all key transport modes.

The importance of sustainable supply chains is increasing as the logistics industry rallies behind the global effort to prevent and control climate change. At Kuehne+Nagel, we understand this growing urgency and support you in achieving your environmental goals by helping you reduce the carbon footprint of your heavy and oversized project cargoes.

Through our One Global System (OGS) software for project logistics, we have developed an innovative and powerful solution for accounting the CO2 emissions of global freight shipments. We provide you with an easy-to-use IT solution for project logistics that helps you understand and minimise the CO2 emissions of your supply chains.

CO2 emissions at a glance

Based on the energy consumption data from EcoTransIT, you can view the estimated emissions of each of your project logistics related shipments, no matter if you’re shipping them by sea, air or road. An interactive emissions dashboard allows you to view and analyse your data. Using the integrated analysis functions, you can examine trends over time based on specific units or vessels, transport types, your shipping priorities, trade routes or specific purchase orders.

Benefits of using the CO2 calculator:

  • Get end-to-end visibility of transport-related emissions data
  • Monitor and improve the sustainability of your supply chains
  • Track your CO2 emissions and energy consumption across all shipments
  • Control and optimise your carbon footprint for each transport mode

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