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Back Control tower in aid logistics

Kuehne+Nagel established Emergency and Relief Logistics control towers acting as centralised hubs that direct goods and information to areas in need. The primary global control tower is in Copenhagen, Denmark. Recently, a control tower has been added, in Mexico City, for the Americas Region.

The need for relief logistics operations can emerge at any time and in any region of the world—remote or highly populated. To ensure effective international support reaches people in need, it is important to have centralised communication hubs.  

What is a control tower in relief logistics?

Think of these centralised communication hubs as a control tower. They are our headquarters for all aid logistics communication worldwide. These centralised hubs are critical in directing goods and information to areas in need; and they leverage the global Kuehne+Nagel network on behalf of emergency and relief partners.

With Copenhagen's central location for many global humanitarian supply chain divisions in Europe, and Mexico City's central position in the Americas, our control towers are primed to work closely with customers to react efficiently during a crisis.

Reacting to each crises is a team of passionate and dedicated relief logistics experts.

As part of the control tower operations, these experts manage and optimise processes at both the global and local level. They ensure all parties managing a crisis receive the right information at the right time and communicate information about the region or situation to the customer. 

How relief logistics supports humanitarian missions

Missions can be long-term humanitarian projects or unforeseen crises. Whatever the mission, our specialised Emergency and Relief Logistics department can organise reliable transport by sea, air or road—including part and full charters. 

Backed by our global network, the experts working in the control towers ensure that all formal requirements for the proper handling and execution of critical aid transports are met, adhering to all compliance requirements.

Relief logistics operations on the ground

As a mission or operation is unfolding, the control tower teams advise on possible challenges, transit times, and the safest route and mode of transport. The first rule of this procedure is always: safety first, speed second. 

If the customer is already on the ground, the control tower teams monitor all routes and activities in the background. We support with information on capacities to ensure a better adherence to logistical requirements. For example, which transport routes can be used or where charter or storage options are available.

A team that meets every challenge

Currently, there are over 100 emergency and relief colleagues working at Kuehne+Nagel. 

To ensure that the important cargo safely reaches its destination, we work in long-term partnerships with local networks and agents—people who are familiar with the terrain. Additionally, the Kuehne+Nagel network in the regions provides local know-how, first-hand information, and ensure that everything runs smoothly.  

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