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Back Podcast: Kuehne+Nagel's Inside Semicon - exclusive supply chain insights

The semiconductor industry is known for its complexities and fast-paced change. Our podcast series gives you laser-focused insights into these developments so you can stay on pace.

Each recording in our semiconductor logistics podcast is regularly uploaded here and on all podcast platforms, meaning you can tune in at your leisure.  Keep an eye out on this page for the latest episodes. 

Podcast Episode #2: Bringing home the chips

Without more fabs and the right talent, the Semicon industry will fail to achieve the exponential growth ahead.  

The industry faces myriad challenges as it begins to build new fabs in Europe and the US. And the statistics show too few STEM graduates will be available to fill the roles of professionals, currently in their 50s, who are due to retire.  

In this episode, our Semicon experts John Desmond and Lars Eger discuss the big issues and how these might be resolved if the industry get's to fulfil it's aim to nearshore production and 'bring home the chips'.


Download transcript episode 2

Podcast Episode #1: Resilience in the Semicon supply chain

In our debut episode, John Desmond and Tom Mulders—two of Kuehne+Nagel’s resident semiconductor experts—unravel the technology that has shaped this industry, how it is evolving, and the measures the industry and logistics providers are taking, to future-proof your semiconductor supply chain. 


Download transcript episode 1