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Back Growing with our customers: Freshclusive

Bringing the freshest fruits and vegetables to the world takes commitment and expertise. Freshclusive is the flavour-focused link between cultivation and the customer.

Service, quality and taste

Whether broccoli is flourishing in the Netherlands or hot peppers are popping up in Spain, Freshclusive connects the best growers with customers worldwide. Their experts are trained to handle the most delicate fruits and vegetables, so produce arrives at peak freshness year-round. Since 2022, Freshclusive has partnered with Kuehne+Nagel to ship market-fresh produce through the most efficient supply chain processes. This includes managing international transport from Freshclusive’s Aalsmeer warehouse as well as direct shipments from growers to customers.

Watch Paul Schockman, one of Freshclusive’s owners, tell us how the company operates and maintains its focus on service, quality and taste.


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Quick facts about Freshclusive

  • Established in 2022, the team experts bring years of combined experience
  • Located in Aalsmeer near Schiphol Airport 
  • Provide services for a wide range of products, including wasabi, edible flowers and exotic fruits and vegetables 
  • Worldwide distribution with most exports to the Middle East, Asia, North America and Japan; imports from Europe, South America and Africa 
  • Efficiency and sustainability are at the centre of all operations
  • Emphasis on innovation 


Providing customers with the best products and services is what drives us.

Paul Schockman, Freshclusive co-owner


 Want to learn more about Freshclusive? Visit their website.