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Kuehne+Nagel works with new companies looking to achieve healthy growth on an ambitious timeline. We think it’s a journey worth taking.





  • Established in the Netherlands April 2022
  • 30+ employees
  • Ships high-quality fruits and vegetables globally

Off to a fresh start

When the team at Freshclusive began operations in April 2022, they didn’t know how fast the operation would grow. The small group of dedicated professionals had twenty years of industry know-how and were cautiously optimistic. Little did they imagine 300% growth in less than two years.

Their goal was to sustain momentum while keeping the promise of delivering fresh and unique products to markets worldwide.

”Through trust and teamwork, we work together for the best possible solution. Stable enough to be secure and flexible enough to adapt.”

Paul Schockman, Freshclusive co-owner

An alliance of the like-minded

Freshclusive was searching for a visionary supply chain partner who could meet high customer service standards and support expansion across multiple foreign markets.

That’s when the team at Kuehne+Nagel pulled a chair up to the table.

Both companies brought years of experience, a firmly entrenched quality mindset and a future-ready approach to supply chain excellence. A relationship that typically takes years to develop grew from a place of trust from day one.

“We have formed a solid partnership that capitalizes on opportunities for cross-trade and delivers value to all stakeholders with creatively engineered network solutions.”

Quint Wilken, Global Perishables Development Director, Air Logistics, Kuehne+Nagel

Flying melons? Challenge accepted.

Freshclusive's customers are big players in markets throughout Asia, the Middle East and North America. But transporting fruits and vegetables during sea transport disruptions often means testing new ideas to meet high consumer demand. Nobody sends melons by air from Brazil to Doha—until they do!

Kuehne+Nagel took up the challenge of acquiring air capacity for a variety of atypical perishables. We controlled handling processes at the origin and coordinated with airlines to move the denser products under precise conditions. Each tasty shipment was delivered market-ready at peak freshness.

A foundation for future growth

Supply chain re-engineering was only possible through our network of knowledgeable global specialists. The perishables team offered robust support that Freshclusive used to jump into new opportunities. They began adapting from products moved solely through the Netherlands to direct shipments. With full-scale logistics reinforcements, Freshclusive was delivering 37% of shipments directly in 2023.

The investment everyone has made in our creative and service-driven partnership has produced a recipe for sustainable success.