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Our International Supply Chain team presented solution-oriented approaches with best-practice examples in a challenging market situation. The following awards and partnerships underline these efforts.

CILT award

Kuehne+Nagel International Supply Chain has identified strategic partnerships between shippers and their third-party providers as an important prerequisite for responsive supply chains. Against the backdrop of 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic, CILT (The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport) has reviewed and nominated providers for excellence in freight transport. Listen to Tim Standen (VP Europe, International Supply Chain) accept the award on behalf of Kuehne+Nagel and talk about the strategic partnership approach taken with customers to manage the unprecedented disruption.


Infor Nexus partnership

Technology is not just a key to a responsive supply chain. It is also how technology is used as part of a larger supply chain strategy that unlocks the true value. Read more about how Infor Nexus and Kuehne+Nagel have been working together for years to drive technology advancements and promote maturity in their customers' supply chains.

Long-term relationships

With Inex Partners Oy, we have since more than 10 years a partnership. Inex Partners Oy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SOK Corporation whose main task is to provide warehousing and transportation services for the grocery and consumer goods chain of the S Group. Their goal ist to reduce domestic emissions by 20% by 2025. This will be achieved, in part, by streamlining logistics, optimising routes, and using sustainable fuels as part of Kuehne+Nagel's zero carbon business model.

Kuehne+Nagel International Supply Chain is specialised at helping clients to optimise the rewards and manage the risks associated with global sourcing, manufacturing and distribution – no matter how big or small your business is. We work with you to design and implement well thought-out solutions that will make every purchase order a success. In our Supply Chain Insights Series, Kuehne+Nagel experts from the International Supply Chain discuss up-to-date topics in the world of logistics, supply chain and transport.

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