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Back Specialised semiconductor sub-fab logistics

Avoid downtime and maintain optimum productivity. Discover how Kuehne+Nagel can provide you with specialised semiconductor sub-fab logistics.

Sub-fabs are crucial for cleanroom operations, and any unplanned delays can disrupt semiconductor wafer production, leading to significant financial losses.

We specialise in providing tailored solutions for safe and efficient sub-fab logistics, ensuring the stability of your operations.

Sub-fab equipment transportation solutions

Operating a sub-fab requires a complex network of equipment, including chillers, heat exchangers, dry pumps, abatement systems, and more.

It's crucial to maintain this equipment at peak efficiency, organise effective maintenance and repairs, and swiftly handle failures and replacements.

A streamlined supply chain for critical equipment is essential for any sub-fab.

Our network provides robust and resilient logistics solutions tailored to the unique needs of sub-fab facilities, helping you optimise operations, reduce downtime, increase productivity, and minimize scrapped wafers.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can support the maintenance, repair, and replacement of your equipment.

Specialised semiconductor gases and chemicals logistics

Ultra-high purity gases play a crucial role at every stage of the semiconductor supply chain, making precise gas delivery a critical component of the manufacturing process.

To ensure semiconductor chemicals and gases comply with strict safety regulations and arrive free from micro-contamination, timely and reliable transportation is essential. Without it, the entire operation of a fab is at risk.

Our logistics experts specialise in providing a secure semiconductor gas supply chain, understanding the significance of punctual and reliable delivery of critical chemicals needed for semiconductor production processes, including etching, deposition, cleaning, and lithography.

We take care of every aspect of semiconductor gas logistics, ensuring special handling at each stage by highly specialised sub-contractors. Individual shipment monitoring is facilitated through GPS devices assigned to each shipment. These tracking modules not only measure light exposure but also provide instant traceability.

We utilise various modes and multimodal systems, such as Sea-Air Logistics, to schedule delivery according to known expected dates. For critical shipments, we prioritise the fastest available routing 24/7.

Don't let delivery uncertainties disrupt your production process. Partner with Kuehne+Nagel to establish a high-quality and well-functioning logistics system for your gas delivery needs.