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Back Transportation of a fully assembled high-value vehicle

Transportation of fully assembled high-value vehicles requires expertise and safety. The automotive specialists at Kuehne+Nagel raced at full speed to help debut Aspark’s battery-powered luxury sports car to the world.


Aspark, a Japanese fully-electric car manufacturer




Arranging a carefully planned transport of the finished vehicle from the manufacturing site in Italy to an exhibition in the US


  • Special handling and timely delivery of the car despite operational and space restraints
  • Active shipment monitoring with complete transparency for the customer
  • Support of a certified team of automotive logistics experts

When you decide to buy a car, you often have to choose between options that either provide speed and comfort, or are sustainable. However, Aspark was determined to design a car that seamlessly combined all these aspects. Out of this ambition, came Aspark Owl - the fastest fully-electric sports car in the world (0-60 mph: 1.72 seconds). Unique cars like these require meticulous engineering as well as precise logistics processes that ensure careful handling – from the manufacturing site to your doorstep.  

Breaking new ground

Aspark first began researching a full-electric hypercar project in 2014. The concept version of the car was unveiled at Frankfurt International Motor Show in 2017. A year later, Aspark successfully completed the first part of a physical acceleration test at the development center in Japan, and selected Manifattura Automobili Torino in Italy as their manufacturing partner. In 2020, their E-vehicle Research and Development Department moved from Japan to Italy, to work more closely with Manifattura Automobili Torino. Aspark wanted to manufacture the vehicle in time to showcase it at the prestigious Supercar Rooms Exhibition in Miami. The exhibition would help them unveil the ambitious car in front of the world on a huge platform. Having worked with Kuehne+Nagel multiple times in the past, Aspark was familiar with our unique expertise in transporting finished vehicles. Thus, they reached out to the KN Finished Vehicles team again to help safely move their car to Miami.

Navigating COVID-19 challenges

The transport, handling and storage of cars like Aspark Owl require careful supervision and operational excellence. Despite the lack of operational resources due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Kuehne+Nagel specialists left no stone unturned in ensuring that the vehicle was safe and unscratched. The dedicated team of Italian, Japanese and US automotive experts gathered online almost every day to review the processes and shipment touchpoints, aiming to ensure better control and highest security with colleagues on site. 

The Miami exhibition was happening in mid-November, which is usually peak season in shipping. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic further affected the cargo space availability from the airlines. Moreover, the production in Italy had just began, and since Aspark Owl is a handmade car that isn’t mass produced, there was no way to know when it would be ready for shipping. Hence, our automotive specialists had to plan carefully and move fast once the car gets ready. 

A race to the finish line

Once the car was ready, so was the Kuehne+Nagel team! To navigate space and carrier limitations and ensure fast transport, we collaborated closely with the airline partners and the customer. All communication with Aspark was done in Japanese to ensure clear communication and fast execution flow. Ultimately, it was decided to transport the car from Italy to US via Amsterdam. The Air Logistics team in Italy secured aircraft space in a short amount of time, and soon the car was on its way. Once it arrived in New York, our US Automotive Logistics team acted quickly and efficiently – unloading it carefully and sending it in our dedicated truck to Miami overnight. Due to the operational excellence, collaboration and dedication of the teams, Aspark proudly introduced their car to the world at the exhibit. 

What our customers say

“We know we can depend on Kuehne+Nagel to provide us with high-quality service. Through the entirety of the project, they served not just service providers, but consultants to us – helping us find solutions and acting as trusted advisers. We’re looking forward to continuing our long and prosperous relationship with Kuehne+Nagel.”

EV Development Department Manager, Aspark


"The development and limited production of the Aspark Owl is an important project and source of pride for us at Manifattura Automobili Torino. Kuehne+Nagel has proven in many occasions to be a fast, reliable and effective partner for the Aspark project: from delivering a fantastic service to ensuring the utmost care and security for the special vehicles. The way teams at Kuehne+Nagel handled Owl while transporting it to Miami was nothing short of impressive."

Sales and Marketing Manager, Manifattura Automobili Torino