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Back Growing with our customers: Classic Fine Foods

Everybody knows that the gastronomy industry operates at an intense pace. For the companies tasked with getting world-class produce into kitchens globally, it's no different.

As a specialist in sourcing exceptional ingredients and gourmet products, Classic Fine Foods are experts at delivering premium produce when time is a luxury. To understand the margins at stake, we spoke to Sandrine Légier-Anoï and Dominique Lienhardt, Executive General Manager and Operations Manager respectively, of the outfit's French subsidiary.

Based at Paris' sprawling Rungis Market, Sandrine and Dominique give us a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings and tight turnaround times of a worldwide culinary operation. Not only do we hear how running a digitised solution is essential to their work, we also learn how a deep-seated passion for gastronomy among its staff is why the company keeps serving up success, time after time.


5 facts about Classic Fine Foods

  • Operates in 11 countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia
  • Sources fresh produce, including meat, dairy, fish, fruits and vegetables
  • 1,000 employees work to meet the needs Classic Fine Foods' 16,000 clients
  • Collaborates with 650 brand partners from 32 countries
  • Occupies a total of 45,000 sqm warehouse space worldwide

"Growing with our customers" is a series of stories told by our customers – flower growers, fruit and vegetable importers, fish farmers, and food producers who introduce you to their world of ingenuity, determination and passion. From a blooming farm in Colombia to the cold waters of the Norwegian sea and back to sunny banana plantations – get ready to travel around the world to discover the secrets behind the highest quality, freshness and joy of our favourite products.