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Back A bespoke solution for 7Pines Resort Sardinia

7Pines Hotels & Resorts offer a laid-back, luxury lifestyle experience where the guest’s wishes and wellbeing are the absolute focus—down to the very last detail. Faced with the goal of building their latest venture on Sardinia, the resort’s investor, 12.18. Group, and their procurement partner, Purchasing Services GmbH, tasked Kuehne+Nagel with creating a hospitality solution like no other.


12.18. Group and Purchasing Services GmbH


Hotel and Hospitality


Tailored service based on close collaboration, innovative software and a flexible setup that ensured efficient hotel operations


  • Flexible supply chain ensured supplies and equipment arrived at remote location when planned
  • Reaffirmation of client trust through seamless delivery lead to commission of a follow-up project

A bespoke solution for 7Pines Resort Sardinia

Offshore trust

Picturing logistics conjures up images of bustling waterways, laden container ships and endless motorways. The setting for our partnership with the 12.18. Group and Purchasing Services—Sardinia’s crystal waters and lush forests—couldn’t be further from the aforementioned norm, and neither could the project.

From the outset, the goal was clear—delivering a luxury hotel to the highest expectations, ready to provide truly memorable experiences to its future guests. Having already collaborated with the two firms whilst developing 7Pines Resort Ibiza, and earned their trust in the process, we knew the bar would be set high.

Located on the northern tip of the Mediterranean island, the resort sits amongst 15 hectares of fragrant gardens and tranquil beaches. Building 76 luxury suites and rooms, three high-end restaurants, three bars, a spa, and an exclusive beach club accessible by yacht on such a unique site would be no mean feat. They would need a trustworthy logistics partner up to the task.

A bespoke solution for 7Pines Resort Sardinia

Getting personal

The challenge was to source all of the operating supplies and equipment for the resort, and then deliver it to a remote location with no Kuehne+Nagel-owned warehouse. Everything from silverware to linen, textiles to crockery—even a couple of e-bikes for the housekeeping staff—needed to arrive on site like clockwork.

From the get-go it became apparent that the project would be bigger and more complex than first envisaged. The initial proposal of 50 purchase orders, planned in before the pandemic, increased to 100 when restrictions relaxed. Our hospitality logistics team, established in Hannover, Germany shortly before the project was commissioned, drew on all their experience and hit the ground running.

With two Kuehne+Nagel accredited warehouses on Sardinia, we flew over to ensure that the chosen vendor could meet the project requirements. Keen to maintain our exacting standards, they extended their warehouse with a temporary section to provide the project with a dedicated space. This also meant our shipments would remain separate from the vendor’s other operations, reducing the risk that products could be hard to find and therefore cause construction delays.

We then moved quickly and contacted the 45 suppliers, building close relationships, outlining the project’s intricacies and the precise shipping details. With some products coming from as far afield as Nepal, such attention to detail was a necessity.

This personal touch went far beyond procurement–it extended to our clients’ teams too. Upon their request, our project managers visited Sardinia twice more. These visits enabled our team to check that operations were running smoothly and, most importantly, cement a deep bond with their counterparts. The project’s success meant more than KPIs—it was a joint commitment.

The 12.18. Group and Purchasing Services gave us the feeling we were central to the project, not just a freight forwarder. It was like being part of a small family. It made me give 150%. It felt like it was my job to open the hotel, not just moving goods from A to B.

Cihan Gök, Senior Project Manager, Hospitality Logistics

A bespoke solution for 7Pines Resort Sardinia

Translating success

Flexibility and innovation were also central to realizing the project. This showed up in a variety of ways. Firstly, Kuehne+Nagel’s commitment to innovation meant that the team could use a cloud-based project management tool developed during the pandemic. This enabled us to stay abreast of shipment statuses and key milestones, relaying vital information to both partners on a daily basis.

Kuehne+Nagel’s international presence came to the fore when we found out that our Sardinian vendor only spoke Italian. Rather than causing disruption and delays, we turned to our Rome office for support. This allowed us to circumvent any misunderstandings and communicate with the vendor clearly.

Our team’s willingness to roll up their sleeves, meet challenges creatively and live our partners’ objectives meant the resort welcomed its first guests in summer 2022. So satisfied with the bespoke service provided in Sardinia, 12.18. and Purchasing Services contracted us for their next project, SCHLOSS Roxburghe, a luxury hotel tucked away in the iconic surroundings of the Scottish Borders. We might need to pack a different wardrobe for that one.