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3S Solar Plus AG creates building products that generate energy. Together with Kuehne+Nagel, the Swiss company is creating a sustainable supply chain for their green products.


3S Solar Plus AG




Flexible supply chain structure, which is able to adapt to any changes in the supplier base or regional developments in a just-in-time business environment including biofuel in sea freight for instant CO2 neutral transports


  • Trucking, sea freight, air freight and rail logistics from Asia to Europe
  • More sustainability in transport serving the company’s green energy products
  • Personal service combined with supply chain improvement expertise

Led by Swiss solar pioneer Patrick Hofer-Noser, 3S Solar Plus AG produces solar panels that are not mounted on a roof, but integrated directly into the building: in the roof, facade or balcony balustrade. So they are tiles, balcony balustrades or facade elements that produce electricity at the same time. For their supply chain, 3S Solar Plus AG pursues the same pioneering spirit and environmental responsibility applied to their products. As a photovoltaic module manufacturer, it is key to the company to not only sell green energy products, but also transport them as sustainably as possible. Hence, the choice was made for Kuehne+Nagel's range of products and services with a focus on the biofuel solution in sea freight, which enables immediate CO2 neutrality of sea transports.

The advantage of biofuel

The use of biofuels enables companies to ship without CO2 emissions. In contrast to fossil fuels, which are exhaustible resources, biofuels are produced from renewable feed stocks. Their production and use could therefore theoretically be sustained indefinitely and contribute to greater CO2 reduction through lower emissions.

Global goes local

In addition to sustainability, a strong and flexible supply chain remains the backbone of any successful business. Jonas Franceschina, responsible for the global procurement and the inbound supply chain at 3S Solar Plus AG, states: “Kuehne+Nagel is a reliable partner of 3S Solar Plus. Thanks to the professional expertise of our main contacts and the selected carriers and third party suppliers packaged with a global presence and competitive supply chain visibility, we have been able to overcome many obstacles in the past months. This is the most important basis for a successful partnership creating something new with passion.”