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Back Low carbon air freight: Success story with Atlas Copco

Pioneer in technology and engineering, Atlas Copco is leading the way in creating a responsible supply chain for their products with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) solutions.


Atlas Copco is the home of Industrial Ideas, founded in 1873 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with almost 40,000 employees. They support customers in more than 180 countries.




Sustainable fuel for air freight shipments 


  • Instant reduction of carbon footprint via bio SAF solutions
  • 250,000 litres of bio SAF for Power Tools shipments from Belgium to the United States and Brazil
  • Confirmation of successful achievement of carbon reduction via SAF certificate

Pioneer in technology and engineering, Atlas Copco is the world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. From generators and pumps to power tools and assembly systems, their products and services can be found everywhere.

One of the main logistic pillars of the Atlas Copco group is Power Tools Distribution. From their central location in Limburg, Belgium, they support their customers with worldwide distribution of spare parts and equipment that are primarily used in electronics, automotive, energy and aerospace sectors. Because of this global presence, air freight is an important mode of transportation to ensure quick delivery to the end customers — especially in cases where new machinery or urgent spare parts are required.

For more than 10 years, Kuehne+Nagel has been a strategic partner of Atlas Copco’s Power Tools Distribution. One of our main objectives is to ensure reliability to inbound and outbound volume operations as well as exceptionally fast service for Atlas Copco’s customers even in the conditions of the fluctuating air freight capacity.

“Service is one of our strategic pillars within the Atlas Copco group. That is why we work with companies who share the same passion for their product and high standard regarding service, reliability and sustainability,” says Kurt Andries, General Manager of Power Tools Distribution.
While innovation and delivering high-quality products and services have always been part of the company’s core values, sustainability is an integral part of Atlas Copco’s mission. 

Sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow

With science-based targets in line with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, the Swedish company has created an ambitious sustainability program that incorporates the use of renewable energy in their operations while striving to create products and solutions that reduce climate impact for their customers. 

Atlas Copco made a deliberate choice for sustainable fuel use as it is currently the most effective measure to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of air freight.  The carbon lifecycle of fossil fuels is linear and results in the release of additional CO2 emissions, whereas the carbon lifecycle of SAF is circular and allows for the reuse of waste or biomass and emissions.  With characteristics almost identical to those of conventional jet fuel, sustainable aviation fuels are an essential pillar on the way to CO2 neutral flying, capable of reducing the amount of additional carbon introduced into the global carbon cycle by at least 75%. In support of Atlas Copco’s ambitious goals on sustainability, our teams at Kuehne+Nagel offered a bio SAF solution.

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) solutions

Learn about sustainable fuel, bio and Power to Liquid SAF types, production methods and benefits

The implementation of SAF solution is not only easy — it’s instant, achieving immediate reduction of the carbon footprint globally. 

Here’s how we did it for Atlas Copco:

  1. First, our sustainability specialists calculated the jet fuel kerosene consumption retrospectively from Atlas Copco’s air freight shipments. 
  2. Next, we substituted SAF for the calculated amount. Atlas Copco then purchased 250,000 litres of bio SAF for part of their air freight transportation from Belgium to the United States and Brazil.
  3. Shortly thereafter, they received official Kuehne+Nagel certificate stating the amount of SAF used and CO2 emissions that were successfully reduced. 

Easy as that!

Sofie Creemers, Transport & Shipping Manager of Power Tool Distribution, comments “It's important that we can rely on our partners to support our sustainable roadmap and help us achieve our goals. Only by working with companies that share the same environmental ambitions we will be able to be successful. We are very excited to take this first step towards the usage of sustainable aviation fuel together with Kuehne+Nagel.”

Become a frontrunner in reducing and preventing CO2 during transport!

If your company has the same commitment as Atlas Copco in creating a better tomorrow, then our sustainable aviation fuel solutions could be a step in the right direction in meeting your ambitious carbon reduction goals. Contacts us to learn more about the types of SAF, our offering and your benefits.