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Back Predictive analysis and preventive action

Learn how to enhance sea freight supply chains with visibility.

The unprecedented disruption initiated by the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 led to massive repercussions in the supply chains of businesses worldwide. Logistics were revealed as a business-critical component that could either make or break the best-intentioned plan. Consequently, a significant need for increased supply chain resilience ensued.

The role of logistic partners

Companies are searching for ways to integrate as much resilience as possible in their supply chains to successfully answer customer demand and deliver on their promises. Logistics companies are the partners in providing this business-critical element and in supporting businesses in designing a dynamic supply chain that adapts to unforeseen situations.

Combined with real-time data, end-to-end visibility, and preventive action it is possible to create and maintain a resilient supply chain.

Four elements can be defined as crucial:

  • Planning — Advanced visibility to support business objectives
  • Tracking — The foundation of visibility
  • Action — Preventive intervention
  • Design — achieving resilience through big data

We are excited to share the white paper “Predictive analysis and preventive action: enhancing sea freight supply chains”.

This white paper shows you how Kuehne+Nagel as a logistics partner can maintain a resilient supply chain through advanced digital platforms as well as trusted and timely expertise.

Get a free copy of your white paper today. 

White paper: The value of visibility

Download it now to read how real-time data, end-to-end visibility and preventive action can help create and maintain a resilient sea freight supply chain.