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Back A global meadow: Supporting biodiversity and conservation projects

There are meadows growing. In celebration of every employee’s birthday, Kuehne+Nagel is planting flowers for each employee. That’s 80,000 m² of flowering meadows supporting biodiversity and local conservation projects.

At Kuehne+Nagel, our employees work together and grow as a team, just as different components of nature’s ecosystems nurture each other. Networking and growth are not only corner stones to our company, they are values that are quite literally at the root of our sustainability goals. This year, those roots will grow and develop into flowers, creating meadows in Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Singapore and other Asian countries.   

Find your flower meadows

View a world map of flower meadows

  • Germany: In Fulda —  a city in central Germany —  flowers will be planted along with trees, bushes and hedges providing habitats for small animals native to the area. 
  • Mexico: In addition to the forest with Kuehne+Nagel’s birthday trees from 2021, we are planting flowers for the birds, bees and butterflies in Bautista Chico.
  • Singapore: In the bustling metropolitan of Singapore, we have found just the right space for the flowers as part of a bee rooftop project.
  • Other areas of Southeast Asia: We have several flowering areas where the flowers are managed and cared for by local community members in Southeast Asia.
  • South Africa: Near the mountainous port city of Cape Town is a conversation project where school children take part as part of a sustainable project to care for the flowering meadows.

By covering four continents, we are planting birthday flowers in locations close to our employees. At the same time, they reflect our global connectedness. These flowering areas will create 80,000 m²  of networked ecosystems planted perennially with local seeds. 

These meadows will also go hand-in-hand with other nature-based projects we support around the world and are in line with our approach for tackling climate change. The meadows are a great opportunity to contribute to community projects while doing our part to cultivate and preserve stronger ecosystems for birds, bees, and flowers. 

A growing project

Flowers are not the first thing growing for our employee birthdays. 

In 2021, we planted 80,000 trees in Bautisco Chico — a village in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. Reforestation helps to limit erosion in the region, support local flora and fauna, and create extra income to local residents. The flowers we are planting this year will add 10,000 to 20,000 m² of meadow to the edge of the forest, creating a rich environment for bees, birds and butterflies. 

Our projects are realised in collaboration with Stiftunglife —  a charitable organisation run entirely by volunteers. Founded in 1989, Stiftunglife supports important community projects across the globe.

Learn more about their global projects at stiftunglife.de.