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Our Waste Management Standards form the basis for recycling, reusing, treating, and disposing the waste that is generated at any of our locations worldwide.

Waste management includes two main components: the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste as well as establishment of regulations and guidelines to monitor the process of managing waste. At Kuehne+Nagel, we are committed to actively implement both the processes and their implementation when it comes to garbage disposal. Waste management is one of the most important components of Kuehne+Nagel’s Environmental Programme. Our employees apply the Kuehne+Nagel Waste Management Standards in all our locations worldwide. These standards fulfill all corporate expectations and provide the framework that is required for solid waste management of all types of waste - from the time it is produced until it is reused, recycled, treated, or carefully disposed. Our standards set a baseline for several core waste programme elements and encourages waste minimisation and recycling whenever possible.

Recycling, Reuse, Treatment, and Disposal

All waste recycling, reuse, treatment, and disposal practices are required to comply with applicable regulations and the Kuehne+Nagel environmental policy. This policy also includes establishing profiles of waste streams, content identification, and labelling.