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Back Environment - Responsible Supply Chains

Our emphasis on green logistics helps us create innovative and smart technology, which focuses on negating the ecological impact of logistics activities.

Innovation and technology are the fundamental pillars of Kuehne+Nagel. However, we also believe that innovation must be connected to sustainability to yield the best results. Thus, our advanced technology encompasses new perspectives that help us accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral environment. We use inventive solutions and green logistics to make our supply chains carbon neutral. This helps us reduce negative ecological impact of logistics activities and aids us in serving our customers in a better and greener manner.

We emphasize on combining various instruments across the whole technology lifecycle. We are also committed to the development of smart technologies, information technology, business models, and the engagement of suppliers and customers. Some examples of how we hold ourselves accountable for creating a positive impact on the environment through our technology include:

  • Big data and predictive analysis
  • Complete visibility of shipping-related carbon dioxide emissions
  • Digitalization of existing booking systems
  • Use of alternative fuels, like bio-fuels

We’ve taken a lot of important steps to promote sustainable technological development, like the installation of LED lights in our offices and warehouses. Learn more about our sustainable facility management.

We will continue to develop and release more such initiatives.