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Back Sea freight less than container load (LCL) for the industrial sector

Our industrial customers require flexibility, transparency and cost management for their shipments, with a strong focus on sustainability. Kuehne+Nagel less than container load (LCL) provides these advantages through consolidated, efficient shipping.


A frontrunner in minerals processing technologies (Components and machinery) and a global technology company (Conglomerates)




Less than container load (LCL) with included CO2 neutrality – Kuehne+Nagel makes all part loads carbon neutral on behalf of our customers


  • More sustainable efficiency for industrial supply chains
  • Deliver the products as close as possible to the point of sales (less inventory capital costs)

Did you know that more than 35% of all Kuehne+Nagel part load shipments are industrial materials and goods?

As industrial companies are a mainstay of our modern world, Kuehne+Nagel less than container load (LCL) is an important backbone for the transport operations of our industrial customers.

The industrial sector is omnipresent and produces material that enables other industries to create further value. The sector is divers, processing everything from raw materials, chemicals and speciality materials to complex components and large machinery. In addition, industrial operations can be located anywhere from remote regions to highly populated urban areas, requiring sophisticated supply chain concepts to properly manage inputs and outputs.

For our clients, we make supply chains competitive, sustainable and resilient to disruption. We leverage our cross-sector expertise to drive the co-creation of value.

Kuehne+Nagel less than container load (LCL) offers flexibility and cost optimisation with a strong focus on sustainability, and our customers agree. The following examples illustrate the ways our part load service supports the industrial sector.

Selected industry solutions applied to industrial requirements

For our industrial customers fast time-to-market is essential. For one of our customers in the minerals processing and metals refining industry focus is on eliminating intermediate storage and placing their products as close as possible to the point of sale. For our customer, this means complementing a regional distribution centre structure with strong part load services.

Our container freight stations (CFS) and customer care locations are close to where the products need to be. Kuehne+Nagel less than container load (LCL) offers exactly the flexibility, transparency and speed needed to increase product availability and sales. The automatic carbon neutrality of our part loads also fits well with the customer's sustainability strategy, enabling them to drive their own sustainability goals. They are committed to limiting global warming to 1.5°C with Science Based Targets.

The business of our clients from the conglomerate sector is characterised by low predictability and the up-and-down nature of freight flows.

One of our largest conglomerate customers is a 130-year-old champion of innovation and a leading global technology company driving the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future – a true enabler. For this customer, Kuehne+Nagel less than container load (LCL) handles many cargo flows that are too irregular or too small to build solid full container load (FCL) and buyer consolidation flows.

By offering them economic flexibility, we not only enable the customer to have a broad conglomerate network, but also to ship more sustainably through higher cargo flow efficiency and carbon-free part load shipments.