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Back International Supply Chain Management for Continental Tires

Our long-standing partnership and collaboration with Continental Tires has delivered consistent and improved supply chain efficiency for their sea freight shipments.


Continental Tires




International supply chain management


  • A continuous supply chain partnership based on trust and value
  • Neutral analysis to identify service improvements and optimise costs through faster container turnarounds and a corresponding reduction in demurrage and detention costs
  • Close, cross-functional collaboration for problem-solving and standardisation of processes
  • Advanced transparency from plant to market
  • End-to-end operational compliance

Continental Tires is a division of Continental AG, a multinational automotive parts manufacturing company that pioneers technologies and products to help people safely and intelligently manage the mobility of people and their goods. For Continental Tires, international supply chain management is of utmost importance as it means connecting their factories to their customers. For more than 20 years, Kuehne+Nagel has been a reliable logistics partner for Continental Tires to manage their international supply chain flows efficiently and consistently "from plant to market". 

Collaboration and partnership in value creation


During turbulent times in supply chains, the importance of collaboration and partnership in value creation is even higher. Striking the right balance between cost optimisation, service excellence and working capital becomes crucial in achieving cost leadership in logistics and reliable market services. The effective and successful collaboration between Continental Tires and Kuehne+Nagel has only been possible through unwavering commitment and receptiveness of both parties. It has been through mutual care and shared trust that the achievements of this alliance continue to exceed expectations.

Both teams remain consistent in their commitments, focus and operational priorities in identifying essential insights and innovative opportunities for improvement moving forward.

Ralf Tickwe, Team Lead Logistics Process Management and Global Freight at Continental Tires