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Back Reefer shipping keeps avocados market-fresh as they travel the world

Whether they’re used for guacamole or as a toast topper, avocados are a healthy and tasty favourite. Reefer transport keeps them at peak freshness from harvest to table.

Avocados are experiencing a surge in popularity with about 8.69 million metric tonnes shipped around the world in 2021.* Since global demand shows no signs of slowing down, the fruit is expected to remain a fast-growing export for countries from Mexico to South Africa to Kenya. Wherever your avocados travel, reefer transport offers exceptional service for this delicate sea cargo.

Specialised shipping makes for better avocados

Transporting avocados requires the highest level of care. To guarantee they arrive in pristine condition, Kuehne+Nagel’s experts follow the strictest transport protocols at every touchpoint.

Reefer containers with a controlled atmosphere technology ensure these 'climacteric fruits' arrive with their maximum quality intact. Like similar species—apples, pears and peaches—climacteric fruits continue to ripen after harvesting. Respiration is exhibited by a large increase in ethylene (C2H4) after the fruit has been removed from the plant. That means the regulation of gases—like CO2, O2 and ethylene—is required to preserve the best taste, texture and aroma. The slower ripening process increases the shelf life and allows exporters to take advantage of both longer harvests and supply routes.

Reefer shipping keeps avocados market-fresh as they travel the world

Controlled Atmosphere containers

Shipping with Controlled Atmosphere (CA) containers is the most technologically advanced process to precisely control the atmosphere composition within the container throughout the journey. The post-harvest life of avocados and other perishables can be significantly extended with CA from 2-4 to 6 weeks, alongside standard temperature management.

CA slows down respiration and metabolic activity to delay unwanted changes in the fruit during transport. Microprocessors monitor and control the atmosphere in the container to guarantee the best conditions while recording changes in the composition.

Our specialists verify, manage and control the entire process. This seamless monitoring guarantees the best conditions during your perishables’ journey. When necessary, the team intervenes to ensure every avocado arrives at maximum quality.

For the ultimate in freshness, ship your refrigerated cargo with Kuehne+Nagel’s reefer experts.


*Statista Global avocado production in 2021, by country