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Back Install a sustainable less than container load (LCL) supply chain for the automotive industry

All companies in the automotive and new mobility industry — whether traditional OEMs or new mobility manufacturers — have ambitious climate plans. While electrification is not the only source of CO2 savings, the industry also emphasises sustainability as an integral part of their supply chain management and supplier selection.

How can our less than container load (LCL) solution support the automotive industry in reaching their ambitious targets?

Achieve your sustainability targets

Since January 2021, all less than container load (LCL) shipments are CO2 neutral.

How? When choosing less than container load (LCL), you automatically receive CO2 neutrality in your supply chain via CO2 emissions reduction and offsetting.

Reduce your CO2 footprint in container freight station operations

When using the same container freight station (CFS) for less than container load (LCL) and buyer’s consolidation, you have the flexibility to switch between both options depending on your weekly volume. The more efficient your supply chain is set up, the more CO2 emissions are prevented. Moreover, we work closely together with our warehouse operators to further optimise our CO2 footprint in CFS operations through: Sustainable packing, electronic forklifts or solar energy.

How? Maximise utilisation of cost-intense full containers by using our less than container load (LCL) service while benefiting from a continual management of energy resources and emissions.

Improve your supply chain with our automotive solution centres (ASC)

Our ASCs bundle expertise with a holistic approach in driving your goals forward. The ASCs are strategically located across the globe and serve as knowledge hubs. In close partnerships with our customers, our ASCs are a space of continuous learning and sharing of best practices. In this way, we collaborate with consultants, project managers and industry experts to continuously improve and optimise supply chain solutions for today and beyond.

How? We are a one-stop solution provider with full access to a portfolio of proven, value adding services globally.

Reduce dependency of one transport mode

We offer you less than container load (LCL) via the traditional sea freight channel. Alternatively, you can chose rail freight from Asia to Europe and vice versa.

How? Make use of our rail freight connection from China. This connection increases your time to market while reducing your logistics costs through our fast and reliable rail service connecting China with Europe and Russia.

Customise your supply chain management

Listening to the needs of our customers, we developed an extensive less than container load (LCL) supply chain for importing automotive parts out of Asia to different destinations in Europe. All shipments are channeled through Germany, deconsolidated and temporarily stored. The shipments are then picked up by nominated truckers upon request.

How? Together with you and our experienced team of less than container load (LCL) experts, we find the best way to implement operational processes that meet your needs.