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Back Market Insights - Healthcare and MedTech Supply Chain Podcast

Global supply chains have challenged businesses and become front page news as never before. Few industries have felt the impact more than MedTech – a sector whose products and services literally save lives.

From personalised medicine to telehealth, MedTech companies have been in the centre of transformation. How did this sector manage through the greatest pandemic of our lifetimes – one that shutdown vital capabilities and services? 

What are the emerging trends and what lessons were learned that could affect not just MedTech, but any sector that relies on globally-distributed manufacturing, supply chains, and of course, customers. 

To understand the current state and future opportunities, we brought together some international MedTech leaders who would know: 

  • Patricio Hopff, Global Transportation Director, at Boston Scientific
  • Louise France, Director, Global Supply Chain, at LifeScan
  • Bob Gahan, VP & Head of Healthcare North America, at Kuehne+Nagel

In Part 1 of our two-part series on MedTech, we discuss the importance of flexibility, communication, and redundancy in times of crises. How can the ways the MedTech logistics reacted to the global pandemic serve as a “case study" for transformation and innovation.

In Part 2, we explore future trends as the industry helps advance the personalised medicine and telehealth revolution in innovative and sustainable ways. From automation to end-to-end visibility to increased sustainability and more, MedTech is continually designing and delivering new capabilities that help keep us healthy.