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We handle and transport your dangerous cargo with care and expertise to ensure the safety of all participants and the well-being of our society and environment.

Safety and integrity is our core concern when dealing with dangerous goods. This is why our main focus lies in reducing risks while carrying out the work entrusted to us. Our expert team, with global presence, certified processes and continual trainings in both transportation and storage management aspire to deliver the solution your business requires, prevent unfortunate incidents and care for the people and the environment.

Partner with us and benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Access to a global network of specialists for any kind of transportation, storage and management of dangerous goods

  • Mitigation of risks based on the ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ principle of the ISO 45001 certification

  • Expertise in complex regulations, legislations and compliance issues

  • Continuous updates on trends and latest learnings in the handling of dangerous goods

  • Specialized, end-to-end solutions to face the challenges created by new technological developments

  • Expertise in the handling of lithium batteries with our KN Battery Chain Solution