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Kuehne+Nagel Ahmedabad

Delivering a better tomorrow, today.

Our Ahmedabad branch has a highly ambitious and seasoned group of logistics professionals who connect your Supply Chains to the global trade through prompt, reliable, and sustainable solutions.

Vaibhav Pulekar, Branch Manager for Ahmedabad

Vaibhav Pulekar / Amd BM

Kuehne+Nagel, one of the world’s leading logistics companies, delivers integrated solutions across the supply chain that turn your logistics challenges into real competitive advantages. In more than 100 countries, our 1200 offices and distribution centers are staffed by Kuehne+Nagel logistics experts who speak the local language and understand the local culture. Through common processes and one standard operating platform, we can consistently deliver high-quality services – around the corner and around the world.

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Vaibhav Pulekar / Amd BM

Vaibhav Pulekar

Branch Manager for Ahmedabad

+91 79 4024 6416

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Your Air Logistics expert

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Saurabh Janwalkar

Customer Care Team Leader: Air Logistics

+91 79 4024 6424

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Your Sea Logistics expert

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Anupa Nair

Customer Care Supervisor: Sea Logistics

+91 79 4024 6429

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Your Road Logistics expert

Akhilesh Dubey  Del ZO-V.png

Akhilesh Dubey

DGM: Business Development for Road Logistics

+91 22 4067 6666

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