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Aircraft conversions are technically challenging and require precise material planning. Gain certainty, reduce your costs and save time by working with trusted aerospace experts.

Converting aircraft is a complex engineering task. It requires highly skilled technicians and a myriad of parts that have to be precisely timed to allow a smooth sequence of work and in time finalisation to bring the aircraft back into revenue service. Your technicians don’t want to focus on finding material; they want quality parts delivered on time. Partner with a logistics partner that can ensure reliable management of materials and the overall project.

What exactly happens to a passenger aircraft on the way to its new career as a freighter?

Our video demonstrates the main modifications that require not only highly skilled technicians but also for a powerful supply chain and materials management to ensure that this massive undertaking succeeds on schedule.


The new P2F aircraft conversion solution is the result of Kuehne+Nagel’s extensive aerospace expertise and close collaboration with suppliers and customers. This know-how enables us to engineer a holistic solution for your peace of mind. Our specialists provide visibility down to part and serial number—globally, all the way from origin until the on-site engineer receives it. We use a modular, integrated approach that significantly reduces the overall costs while eliminating complexity. You’ll work with a dedicated programme manager to handle the end-to-end material flow in line with layover schedules and manufacture serial number (MSN) sequence. We are your trusted partner who can give a second life to your aircraft.

You’ll benefit from an end-to-end material management solution:

  • Fully digitised material flow including visibility down to part number and serial number.
  • Access to real-time material status, location and logistical spend 24/7.
  • Comprehensive customs management targeted to optimise costs.
  • Warehousing services including production line kitting, handling of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)/consignment stocks.
  • All materials handled in line with EN/AS 9100 certification to ensure compliance to Part 145 and Part 21 requirements.

Contact our Aerospace Logistics experts today to learn more about how Kuehne+Nagel can support you.

Kuehne+Nagel now offers a reliable end-to-end solution to manage conversions of retired passenger aircraft into a long-lasting freighter, so our customers can scale up their operations, reduce costs, and boost cargo capacity.

Andreas Nyman, VP Global Head of Aerospace