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Product integrity, speed of delivery, and reliability are essential when transporting pharmaceutical products. From ensuring a continuous cold chain to regulating humidity, you can relax knowing that our teams and network operate to the highest quality standards.

The integrity of your pharmaceutical products is of utmost importance.

With over 240 GxP certified locations and counting you can rely on our advanced digital tools, including our global quality management system, risk management processes and predictive analytics, to give you full control and the ability to track your products every step of the journey.

Logistics solutions for every phase of a product’s lifecycle

Our long-term commitment to pharmaceutical logistics has spurred us on to become a partner across a product’s entire lifecycle—from product discovery to patent expiry. Our goal remains the same: to deliver your drugs and medications safely and swiftly all round the world, and to contribute to changing people’s lives for the better.

Quality first—a global standard for your entire supply chain

HealthChain is a quality standard for consistent quality and GxP compliance that you can trust. By choosing to transport your pharmaceutical products along our HealthChain certified network, you benefit from the full power of our knowledge, accumulated over many years of active dialog with our customers.

We mitigate the risks associated with temperature deviations, contamination, theft and physical damages. This is made possible by our stringent global processes and our experienced and trained professionals who oversee your products along their journey.

Before your products have even left your site, we can help with risk management, and selecting the best carrier and route for your individual shipments.

Furthermore, we offer value-added services such as specialised passive and active packaging solutions to ensure that your products are thermally protected during transportation. We also provide options for in-transit security and proactive monitoring by our HyperCare team who will intervene if required.

So let us safely handle your sensitive products and relax knowing that we take all necessary measures to ensure product integrity.

Contact our Healthcare Logistics experts today to learn more about how Kuehne+Nagel can support you.