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Back Electric vehicles at Kuehne+Nagel

To avoid and reduce emissions in road logistics, Kuehne+Nagel offers customers the possibility to use electric trucks or opt for Book & Claim.

White paper: Book & Claim to speed up the electrification of road freight


To avoid and reduce emissions in road logistics, we explore several strategies. Load optimisation, alternative fuels, and vehicle efficiency are possible avenues. 

However, the pivotal factor determining the environmental footprint of a vehicle lies in its energy source. It is through transformation and innovation in this realm that we can have the biggest impact.

At Kuehne+Nagel, our ambition is to achieve a 60% representation of low-emission vehicles in our fleet by 2030. To realise this vision, we're evaluating both battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).

In the foreseeable future, BEVs are poised to dominate the market. BEV technology is presently more advanced and cheaper to own and operate. Moreover, BEVs have a higher energy efficiency, and the hydrogen used for fueling FCEVs is more needed in other energy-intensive industries like chemicals, steel making and aviation, that are unable to operate on electricity.

Nevertheless, it is important to recognise that BEVs may not yet be suitable for all road freight legs and operations. That’s mainly because the charging infrastructure is still insufficient. 

In our commitment to offering low-carbon solutions to our customers, we engage in continuous testing, exploration, and innovation alongside carriers and esteemed organizations like the Smart Freight Centre and its partners. Together, we strive to broaden the spectrum of options for low-emission road freight services.

Dedicated solutions

Dedicated solutions entails deploying one or multiple electric trucks exclusively for a single customer's operations. The customer can fully claim the resulting emission savings.

This approach is our preferred way of helping customers reduce supply chain emissions through low-emission vehicles.

Presently, we have several dedicated solutions in place. These solutions are frequently deployed for routine shuttle activities between two locations situated close enough to accommodate the limited driving range and lengthier charging times of BEVs.

Book & Claim for electric trucks

While the demand for electric road freight to reduce emissions is significant, dedicated solutions are not always viable due to operational constraints, e.g., inadequate charging infrastructure. However, an alternative approach could involve the deployment of an electric truck for similar operations in different geographic areas. This means that the desired emission reductions could be achieved elsewhere, where there is currently no demand for it.

To address this mismatch between the demand for electric trucking services and the supply, we can offer Book & Claim. Kuehne+Nagel is a pioneer in offering this innovative solution for electric trucking services. The certified methodology has been developed in cooperation with the Smart Freight Centre and Carbone 4, and has undergone rigorous auditing. 

We strongly believe that it can be a catalyst for the electrification of road freight and advocate for a wider acceptance.