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Biopharmaceuticals are of growing importance in the treatment of a wide range of diseases such as cancer, autoimmune disorders and chronic diseases like diabetes.

Shipping biopharmaceuticals and vaccines is a complex task. These products are often highly temperature sensitive and security is of utmost importance when managing the risk of counterfeit products.

Life-critical drugs and therapies

The development and commercialisation of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals saw a dramatic acceleration during the COVID-19 pandemic. This put pressure not only on biopharmaceutical companies but also on supply chains.

At Kuehne+Nagel we delivered over four billion vaccines globally to some of the world’s most remote places.
Strength and resilience are key to delivering life-critical drugs and therapies when it matters the most.

Going above and beyond

Our Healthcare Logistics service for biopharmaceuticals and vaccines offers compliance and quality at the highest level. Your drugs and therapies move within our HealthChain certified network, which keeps your therapies and drugs in the right condition every step of the journey. Our HealthChain certification is a global label of excellence that ensures the highest level of GxP compliance for your most sensitive products.

On top of our stringent and global HealthChain quality standards, we offer value-added services that allow you to customise your shipment to perfectly fit your requirements. For example, we offer specialised passive and active packaging solutions that ensure that your products are thermally protected during transportation. We also provide in-transit security to protect your products from theft and counterfeiting, and proactive monitoring that monitors temperature, humidity, location in real-time and enables our HyperCare team to intervene in case of any disruption.

Contact our Healthcare Logistics experts today to learn more about how Kuehne+Nagel can support you.